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Product ID: 1879536 | Mfg Part #: VS7-ESP-KIT-P-SSS-A
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VMware vSphere® is the industry leading compute virtualization platform. vSphere 7 has been rearchitected with native Kubernetes for application modernization. Developers can’t afford infrastructure that slows them down – businesses rely on developers to rapidly develop and deploy applications to accelerate digital transformation. On the other hand, IT teams are challenged to deliver modern infrastructure that supports modern container-based application development, including the services and tools to build new applications.

Using vSphere 7, customers and partners can now deliver a developerready infrastructure, scale without compromise and simplify operations.

VMware delivers a simple Kubernetes implementation so that customers can run existing enterprise applications alongside containerized applications in a unified manner, while maintaining application portability


  • Deliver Developer-Ready Infrastructure
    • Drop-in Enterprise grade Kubernetes to existing vSphere infrastructure within an hour1
    • TKG service enables self-service provisioning of Kubernetes clusters within a few minutes and simplified operations of cloud native workloads
    • Application focused management allows IT admins to implement policy for namespaces, and manage access and quota allocation for developers
  • Scale Without Compromise
    • Industry leading Monster VMs scale up to 24TB and 768vCPUs
    • Increased cluster scale to support up to 96 hosts per cluster
  • Simplify Operations
    • vSphere Ideas® to capture customer feedback and feature requests
    • vCenter connect® to manage onpremises and off-premises (cloud providers) servers using a single interface