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Product ID: 1586340 | Mfg Part #: VS6-STD-P-SSS-A
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This item is support for, and must be purchased along with, Academic VMware vSphere 6 Standard for 1 processor

The Academic VMware vSphere Standard license for 1 processor is a cost-efficient solution enabling implementation of a basic, virtual environment. This basic version consolidates applications and decreases purchase and maintenance costs, which is a significant factor in academic and scientific institutions.

Thanks to virtualization, implementation of new network solutions is fast and user-friendly. Using software for building standard networks based on physical devices reduces the necessary time, from weeks to hours.

The Academic version of VMware vSphere Standard license for 1 processor contans:

  • VMware High Availability (HA),
  • VMFS (Virtual Machine File System),
  • 5-way Virtual SMP, VMware vCenter Server Agent,
  • VMware vStorage Thin Provisioning,
  • VMware vMotion,
  • VMware vStorage APIs/ VMware Consolidated Backup (VCB),
  • VMware Hypervisor or VMware ESX hypervisor architectures (optional),
  • VMware Update Manager.

Key Features:

Virtualization Platform

  • VMware vSphere Hypervisor Architecture provides a robust, production-proven, high-performance virtualization layer. It enables multiple virtual machines to share hardware resources with performance that can match (and in some cases exceed) native throughput.
  • VMware vSphere Virtual Symmetric Multiprocessing enables the use of ultra-powerful virtual machines that possess up to 128 virtual CPUs.
  • VMware vSphere Virtual Machine File System (VMFS) allows virtual machines to access shared storage devices (Fibre Channel, iSCSI, etc.) and is a key enabling technology for other vSphere components such as VMware vSphere Storage vMotion®.
  • VMware vSphere Storage APIs provide integration with supported third-party data protection, multipathing and disk array solutions.
  • VMware vSphere Thin Provisioning provides dynamic allocation of shared storage capacity, enabling IT organizations to implement a tiered storage strategy while reducing storage spending by up to 50 percent.
  • VMware vSphere vMotion® enables live migration of virtual machines between servers and across virtual switches with no disruption to users or loss of service, eliminating the need to schedule application downtime for planned server maintenance.
  • VMware vSphere Storage vMotion enables live migration of virtual-machine disks with no disruption to users, eliminating the need to schedule application downtime for planned storage maintenance or storage migrations.
  • VMware vSphere High Availability (HA) provides cost-effective, automated restart within minutes for all applications if a hardware or operating system failure occurs.
  • VMware vSphere Fault Tolerance (FT) provides continuous availability of any application in the event of a hardware failure – with no data loss or downtime. For workloads up to 2-vCPU.
  • VMware vSphere Data Protection™ is VMware's backup and replication solution, powered by EMC Avamar. It delivers storageefficient backups through patented variable-length deduplication, rapid recovery and WAN-optimized replication for DR. Its vSphere-integration and simple user interface makes it an easy and effective backup tool for vSphere. It provides agentless, image-level VM backups to disk and application-aware protection for business-critical applications (e.g., Exchange, SQL Server) along with WAN-efficient, encrypted backup replication across sites.
  • VMware vShield Endpoint™ secures virtual machines with offloaded antivirus and antimalware solutions without the need for agents inside the virtual machine.
  • VMware vSphere Virtual Volumes enables abstraction for external storage (SAN and NAS) devices making them VM-aware.
  • VMware vSphere Storage Policy-Based Management allows common management across storage tiers and dynamic storage class of service automation via a policy-driven control plane.