AE-1 Stereo Earphone with Inline MIC, 32 Ohm, Black/Silver, Academic Discount | Education Discount at
Product ID: 1612925 | Mfg Part #: 2AE1-699363-2MIC
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The AVID AE -1M is the best solution available on the market for the single-use earphone category. Not only does it offer superior sound quality, but the AE -1M also features a very sensitive inline microphone for use during testing and recording sessions. This is another model designed with students in mind. Children's ears are particularly sensitive to loud sound. Additionally, no two children's ears are the same size. The AE-1M is designed to fit over the ear canal as opposed to in the ear canal. This ensures that the AE-1M fits a wide variety of ear shapes while preventing children from placing earphones too deeply within the ear canal and damaging their hearing. Available in one color, the AE-1M by AVID Products is perfect for the classroom setting and assisting teachers enhance the student learning experience and engagement.