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Product ID: 1417225 | Mfg Part #: KP701E2
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Wacom’s Art Pen replicates the feel and experience of a classical felt marker, but with all the advantages for working digitally.

Most designers know the feel of a classical felt marker. With the Art Pen, designers can enter a time capsule and get that good old marker feeling, but with all the advantages of the digital realm. Like its traditional counterpart, this pen has a broad, chisel-shaped pen tip (your choice of plastic or felt).

In addition to pressure- and tilt-sensitivity, the Art Pen is also sensitive to rotation. Rotating the barrel in supporting software applications, such as Corel® Painter or Adobe® Photoshop, creates a unique effect.

In the box

Wacom Art Pen with standard art nibs
2 Chisel POM nibs
2 chisel felt nibs
3 Bullet POM nibs
3 Bullet felt nibs
Pen stand


Intuos5 (all models)
Intuos4 (all models)
Cintiq 13HD
Cintiq 21UX (DTK2100)
Cintiq 24HD