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Portfolio Builder 3 Individual

This all-new version now includes over 75 templates for creating digital portfolios Use the multi-media capabilities of the Portfolio Builder 3 to include digital photos, video clips, audio clips and even audio narration in your portfolio.

Portfolio Builder 3 is the latest edition of the award winning program in use by more than 1500 schools for crating e-portfolios. Portfolio Builder has been hailed as the easiest and fastest way for students to create work sample portfolios. The templates are for use with a variety of grade levels from elementary to college and even templates for building teacher portfolios. The instructions and screen shots have been updated for Microsoft Office™ 2007.

Benefits and Applications:

  • Can be used independently by students grade three and above
  • Includes templates in Spanish
  • Can be saved as PDF files for web posting or sent as e-mail attachments
  • Can be used to document community service or career exploration
  • Integrates technology into project-based learning


  • 75 templates covering a wide range of grade levels and purposes
  • Different graphic styles (backgrounds, fonts, colors) for each template
  • Planning worksheets to accompany each template
  • Step-by-step printed tutorial with data files
  • An extensive chapter on background information on digital portfolios
  • Rubrics for evaluating digital portfolios
  • A file with clickable links to find more information on digital storytelling
  • A chapter on production and project management tips

Template types:

  • Elementary and Secondary
  • Special Education
  • Spanish language
  • College and Teacher's
  • One year - one subject or multiple subjects
  • Multiple years - one subject or multiple subjects
  • Special purpose: career, sports, community service, student service, technology skills

PowerPoint software not included.

Hybrid CD ROM - PowerPoint 97 through PowerPoint 2007