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Diorama Designer

Grade Levels: 2-6

The easy-to-use tool to design, print, and assemble 3-D dioramas!

Making dioramas is easier than ever with this powerful new tool that allows students to design original dioramas on the computer and then print and assemble them. Students can choose from hundreds of historically accurate architectural elements and furnishings to create 3-D dioramas of building interiors from different time periods.

With Diorama Designer students will:

  • Learn about different cultures and ways of life as they recreate interiors

  • Combine multiple dioramas to create cross sections of buildings

  • Combine the use of technology with hands-on activities

Four historical periods

  • Students can design and create dioramas from different historical periods: Medieval, Native American, Colonial American, and Contemporary American.

Print Features:

  • Print dioramas in 3 sizes, from 3 to 12 inches high

  • Print dioramas that fit into a shoebox

  • Print and assemble your own original 24-inch high puppet stage

  • Print your designs as posters in 3 sizes, from single page to mural - big enough to create a set for a play!

  • Print puppets, masks, and props for your classroom productions

  • Create original dioramas

  • Diorama Designer includes nearly 400 ready-made elements to make your diorama unique.

Choose from the following architectural elements:

  • Doors, windows, furniture, stairwells, fireplaces, wall coverings, people, household items, and more.

  • 3-D people, animals, and furniture that can be printed separately and placed inside dioramas.

Use Diorama Designer across the curriculum

Social Studies:

  • Medieval, Colonial, Native American, and Contemporary American cultures

  • Neighborhood and community

  • Place and region

  • Community helpers

  • Shape recognition

  • Spatial relationships

  • Measurement and scale
    Language Arts:

  • Models of scenes from literature and creative writing

  • Scenes for stories and script writing

  • Technologies and innovations

  • Location and use of natural resources

CD-ROM and Teacher's Guide with activities and blackline masters, all in a sturdy vinyl binder.

System Requirements


  • Pentium 50 MHz Processor Minimum

  • Windows OS 95/ 98/98SE

  • 8 MB RAM Minimum

  • 256 colors; 640x480 resolution


  • PowerPC 30 MHz Processor Minimum

  • Mac OS 8.6/9

  • 6 MB RAM Minimum

  • 256 colors; 640x480 resolution