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The Future is Wild (10 User)

The Future is Wild

Time-travelling students about habitats, interdependence and adaptation as they explore this immersive simulation. Within three futuristic time zones, students will also develop their technology, problem-solving and thinking skills as they explore this interpretation of how the world’s changing geography could affect the creatures that inhabit it.

With three activity levels, three time-zones, fascinating video clips from Emmy-nominated The Future is Wild TV series, engaging graphics and intriguing assignments, pupils are guaranteed a wild adventure!

  • Immersive adventure exploring the Earth 5 million, 100 million and 200 million years in the future!
  • A creative way to teach food chains, interdependence and adaptation
  • Three activity levels including focused assignments and a free ‘explore’ mode
  • Interactive features include video clips and rotating 3D creature models
  • Develops information technology and thinking skills

Age range Grades 3-8