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Skills Builders - 6 CD Set (Unlimited Site)

Sherston Skill Builders

Features & Benefits

The Sherston Skill Builders is an award-winning series that includes six CD-ROMs designed to support pupils who need practice in learning basic skills. Each program includes a range of features that will help pupils with special educational needs to use the software with confidence and ease, including switch accessibility, large cursor, and a clear and simple design throughout.

Each of the six programs contains four motivating activities at four levels of difficulty and offers a choice of eight familiar topics, including Clothes, Letters, and Food. This flexible format enables you to adapt each program to meet the educational needs and interests of individual pupils.


  • Clear and simple interface and images
  • Full speech support throughout
  • Configurable contrast for text and background
  • Switch off speech or text facility
  • Optional animated ‘rewards’
  • Eight familiar topics: Food, Home, Clothes, Animals, Play, Transport, Letters, Numbers

Identification Skills

Features & Benefits

This program will help your pupils to develop their skills in picture/word association and in recognising the attributes of objects. These abilities are needed to be able to sort and identify objects.


  • Find
  • Size
  • Color
  • Match

Observation Skills

Features & Benefits

This program will help pupils to sharpen their observational skills. These are essential to develop understanding of basic mathematical concepts such as pattern and shape.


  • Zoom
  • Guess what?
  • Bit by bit
  • Both squares

Memory Skills

Features & Benefits

This program will help your pupils to develop strategies to improve their short-term memory skills through the use of simple exercises that they can repeat easily to build confidence.


  • Sequence
  • Pairs
  • What’s missing?
  • Where was it?

Listening Skills

Features & Benefits

This program will help your pupils to develop their auditory processing strategies. It will help them learn to understand, discriminate and memorise sounds.


  • Sound the same?
  • Vanish
  • Sequence
  • Did you hear that?

Matching Skills

Features & Benefits

This program will help your pupils to recognise and identify the attributes of objects (by size, colour and shape) and develop their ability to visually discriminate.


  • Match exactly
  • Match color
  • Match size
  • Match pieces

Sorting Skills

Sorting is the ability to distinguish objects and images by some common quality or characteristic. It is important for children to acquire this skill in order to understand that objects can be grouped according to shared features and uses.

By identifying similarities and differences, and making direct comparisons, a pupil will begin to classify and give reasons for their decisions. The ability to sort is fundamental to core curriculum subjects. To be able to distinguish between numbers, symbols and letters is essential to the early.