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Measure Up! With Ollie and Ellie (5 User)

Measure Up! With Ollie and Ellie

Measure Up! contains nine engaging multimedia activities designed to carefully introduce and provide practice for key aspects of measuring and estimating for young learners. Each activity has two levels of difficulty, and can be worked on in isolation to focus on specific skills, or as part of a motivating adventure. With clear interfaces, full narration, and Ollie Octopus and Ellie Elephant on hand to help, children can effectively use the software independently, or engage with it in groups via an interactive whiteboard.


  • Nine engaging activities
  • Length, mass and capacity
  • Standard and non-standard units
  • Teacher Options for customizing and tracking
  • Appropriate language throughout
  • Reading and interpreting numbers and scales
  • Choosing and using simple measuring instruments
  • Reading and interpreting numbers and scales
  • Problem solving and decision making

Age range - PreK 2nd grade