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Safeware Protection Plan: (2  Years for Macbook Pro)

Must be purchased on same order with item.

Accidental Damage coverage for drops, spills, submersion, and cracked screens, mechanical and electrical failure & power surges that result in damage to the device

  •     2 years of coverage
  •     100% of parts and labor costs are covered 
  •     No repair fee
  •     No deductible
  •     Fully transferable
  •     Maximum payout is original purchase price

A Safeware protection plan will protect your MacBook Pro for 2 years from purchase date. Avoid the costly out-of-pocket expenses associated with drops, cracked screens, liquid spills, mechanical failure and power surges. 
Must be purchased on same order with covered item.

If you experience damage, Call 1-800-800-1492 to process a claim. Safeware will either find a local service facility for you or they will send a box for you to ship your broken computer to one of their service center depots.