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Set of 10 Multimedia Life Science Lessons

Multimedia SCIENCE Lessons for Interactive Whiteboards

The Perfect Complement to Any Life Science or Biology Curriculum!

Each title contains a comprehensive array of multimedia lessons and activities. Designed for multisensory learning, they’re the perfect resource for Interactive Whiteboards. And the lessons are also ideal for individual student instruction on any computer!

Key Features:

  • Virtual Lab Investigation is included with each title, allowing students to experiment, perform simulations and draw conclusions.
  • Custom Tool Bar allows users to draw, write, and add arrows and text blocks to customize the lessons by adding additional details to any screen.

Each multimedia lesson consists of the following 5 Modules along with a digital, inquiry-based Student Activity Guide:

Lesson Presentation

Consists of a series of narrated, visual presentations – each featuring highly-detailed graphics and illuminating animations.

Interactive Activities

Includes a variety of interactive activities, a virtual lab investigation and a Lab Activity Guide. You’ll engage your students in inquiry-based learning, allowing them to apply the knowledge gained in other modules. They can also begin to build a foundation of knowledge and understanding of the key concepts using process skills to perform a Virtual Lab Investigation.

Visual Resources

Provides additional images as well as the individual graphics from the Lesson Presentation module. Allows you to teach “free-style” by customizing the presentation, explain concepts in more depth or highlight specific information through use of the arrows, text or callouts provided with the Custom Tool Bar.


Features an illustrated view of key vocabulary, allowing you to choose any of the terms along with their corresponding images and definitions. Show or hide the definition to challenge your class or play audio of the terms/definitions to promote vocabulary development.


Consists of a series of assessment/review questions that can be 1. Graded at the end of the assessment (Quiz Mode), 2. Used in a non-graded format for instant feedback (Practice Mode), or 3. Provided in “play” mode for use by competing teams (Play Mode). Question types include multiple-choice, true/false, fill-in the blank, and matching.

This set contains all 10 Life Science Lessons:

Cells: Animal & Plant Cell Structure

  • Animal Cell Structure
  • Plant Cell Structure
  • Organization of Cells
  • Specialized Cells
    Virtual Lab Investigation: Comparing Plant & Animals Cells

Photosynthesis & Respiration

  • Cell Energy
  • Process of Photosynthesis
  • Cellular Respiration
  • Fermentation
    Virtual Lab Investigation: Effects of Light on Photosynthesis

Mitosis: Cell Growth & Division

  • The Cell Cycle
  • Animal Cell Mitosis
  • Plant Cell Mitosis
  • Cytokinesis
    Virtual Lab Investigation: Compare Mitosis in Plant & Animal Cells

Chromosomes, Genes & DNA

  • Chromosomes
  • Genes & DNA
  • Making proteins
  • Mutations
    Virtual Lab Investigation: Building DNA

Osmosis & Diffusion: Cell Transport

  • Cell transport
  • Diffusion
  • Osmosis
  • Passive & Active Transport
    Virtual Lab Investigation: Viewing Osmosis in Action

Genetics: The Study of Heredity

  • How Traits are Inherited
  • Mendel’s Experiments
  • Dominant & Recessive Factors
  • Phenotypes & Genotypes
    Virtual Lab Investigation: Probability and Heredity

Protists: Pond Microlife

  • What is a Protist?
  • Plant-like Protists
  • Animal-like Protists
  • Fungi-like Protists
    Virtual Lab Investigation: Comparing Algae & Protozoa

Six Kingdoms of Life

  • Two Bacteria kingdoms
  • Protist & Fungi Kingdoms
  • Plant Kingdom
  • Animal Kingdom
    Virtual Lab Investigation: Classifying Organisms


  • Sexual Reproduction
  • Sex Cells
  • Meiosis I
  • Meiosis II
    Virtual Lab Investigation: Observing Meiosis in Plants & Animals

Food Chains & Food Webs

  • Energy Flow
  • Food Chains
  • Food Webs
  • Energy Pyramid
    Virtual Lab Investigation: Constructing Owl Food Web

Mac and Win Compatible.

Single User License: License granted to install and use on a single computer/interactive whiteboard.