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autokitchen Studio 11

autokitchen® Studio is a true 3D, residential kitchen and bath design software ideally suited for kitchen and bath remodelers, designers and small cabinet makers who need a graphical way to display designs in 3D.

autokitchen® generates detailed and professional-looking plans, elevations, and perspectives. You can also generate color renderings of your projects with specific textures and finishes, lights, reflections and kitchen accessories that will enhance your presentation to the customer. In addition, from within autokitchen®, you can generate a project list of all elements placed in the design along with their references, dimensions, brief descriptions and any modifications or options applicable to each. This project list can be customized by the user to include additional items not shown in the design, as well as specific charges and/or discounts applicable to each project.

autokitchen®'s ease of use, output quality and DWG format will allow you to work faster and communicate better with your customers and with other professionals engaged in your kitchen design project such as builders, architects, installers and cabinet and appliance suppliers.

Benefits of using autokitchen® Studio:

  • Design faster. With autokitchen® Studio you design placing 3D objects, instead of drawing a kitchen line by line.

  • Bring your projects to life with instant 3D perspectives and quick color renders. Remember, most of your customers don't understand or relate to 2D views.

  • Save on software costs with the best value in professional kitchen and bath design software available.


  • Fast: Design a kitchen in minutes.

  • Reliable: Design with the level of precision you desire. Place and edit as many dimensions as you need. Work in imperial or metric systems (or both).

  • Compatible: Your autokitchen® files are native DWG files.

  • Easy to use: The autokitchen® interface is simple and uncluttered. Many icons do several tasks. All icons come with tag lines.

  • Easy to learn: We provide individualized, one to one training sessions to all new customers, as well as materials and tutorials.

  • Easy to buy: autokitchen® Studio is not only easy to learn, it's also extremely affordable. Give us a call to find out what it would cost to start running autokitchen® at your location.

  • Modular: If your designing needs change and you need additional designing features, upgrade to autokitchen® PRO. If you need to generate pricing or orders, you can purchase the Estimate module and run it with your autokitchen® Studio.

  • Customizable: If you need 25 or more seats, we can personalize autokitchen® Studio to include one manufacturer catalog and pricing. This can be done at a fraction of the cost of other software options.


  • Operating system - Windows® 2000, Windows® XP or
    Windows® Vista™ 32bit.

  • Processor - Intel Pentium 4 running at 2,2 GHz / AMD Sempron 3000 or greater.

  • Hard Drive - 2GB of free space.

  • RAM Memory - 512 MB or more if running Vista™.

  • USB Port - At least two of which one is to be used by the security device.

  • Graphics card - Open GL hardware acceleration with at least 64 MB of independent memory supporting screen resolution of 1024x768 or greater.