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Finale SongWriter 2012 (Electronic Software Delivery)

Finale SongWriter 2012 (Electronic Software Delivery)

Please Note: Once the order has been processed, this product is nonreturnable.

Still using a pencil?

What happens when you decide to change the key?

When you notate your music by hand, changing the key or adding an intro means starting over. When your music is in SongWriter itís easy to change keys, add measures, and move things around any way your creative impulses move you.

Whatís more, you can listen to the results Ė before the rehearsal. When you can hear what youíve written you can quickly refine your music to sound exactly the way you want.

SongWriter does the heavy lifting, like managing how each staff plays back and transposes, so you donít have to. Simply select the instruments you wish to write for and get started!

Should you ever have a question, SongWriter includes QuickStart Videos and other resources, right in the Launch Window.

Capture ideas

Donít let great ideas get away!

When inspiration strikes, you want to notate it quickly

Simply play your MIDI keyboard and music automatically appears in SongWriter: Itís miraculous to watch Ė and just one of many ways you can create. Prefer to enter notes with your computer keyboard or mouse? No problem!

Work with collaborators?

SongWriter can help here too, even if your partners use different software. SongWriter can open files made by the entire family of Finale software as well as import MIDI and MusicXML files created by hundreds of other products.

Donít let that melody slip away. Save it today with SongWriter.

Breathe life into sheet music

Professional instrument sounds, realistic playback, and creative inspiration.

Hear your notes as you enter them, then press Play to hear how they interact. This instant feedback empowers you to quickly shape the music of your imagination.

But SongWriter does more than make sounds. SongWriter makes music Ė and even offers creative suggestions.

Human Playbackģ and high-quality software instrument sounds

Your music deserves to be heard with all the feeling and phrasing you imagined when you wrote it. Human Playback makes this possible by playing your music with the nuance and expression of human performers. When Human Playback is combined with the high-quality software instrument sounds built into SongWriter, the results are amazing.

Creative input

Need help harmonizing your melody? Not sure what the drummer should play? No problem.

SongWriter offers composers and arrangers idea-generating tools to save time and suggest creative options. Band-in-a-Box Auto-Harmonizing can automatically turn your melody into two- or three-voice harmony. Use Drum Groove to easily add custom drum parts in a variety of styles.


An integrated mixer lets you further shape the sonic space where your music lives. You control reverb, panning, balance, and more.

Look professional

Appearances do matter.

When your music looks professional, itís not only easier to read, it instills greater confidence.

SongWriter gives you the power to make your music look professional. You can add lyrics, chord symbols, repeats, codas, and a wide variety of musical markings Ė and they all look stunning.


Writing for guitar doesnít end with chord symbols. You can also

choose to display crisp fretboard diagrams. Creating tablature, for guitar or bass, is simple and easy too.


When you enter a note on a percussion staff, SongWriter provides on-screen feedback indicating whether youíre about to enter a snare, bass drum, or other percussion instrument Ė and displays the appropriate notehead. Of course everything plays back perfectly Ė your snare plays with a snare sound, and so forth Ė automatically.

Page Layout

Not only can you put all these items on your page, you have control of your page, too. Want to move a measure from this system to the next? Itís as easy as hitting the Down arrow key. You control where your music appears.

With engraver-quality music, you not only get more respect, you also get better performances.

Printing is just the beginning

Share audio files, sheet music, electronic files Ė whatever works best!

The drummer only plays by ear. The horns want printed charts. The keyboardist wants electronic files she can edit. Isnít it fun being a band leader?

It can be Ė with SongWriter. Once youíve created your music, you can share it in more ways. Send the drummer an MP3 so he can hear the new song. Print the horn charts. Email the song to the keyboardist so she can open, play, print, and make minor edits with the free, downloadable Finale NotePadģ. And this is just the beginning.

With SongWriter you can:

  • Print beautiful sheet music
  • Create iPod-ready MP3, WAV, or AIFF audio files
  • Guide students with music education worksheets (included) or your own creations
  • Exchange music with users of other Finale family software, including the free NotePad
  • Send MIDI files (and more powerful MusicXML files) to users of other software programs
  • Post your music at the Finale Showcase, MakeMusicís free site where people can see, play, and print your music.

Sharing music with others is what itís all about.

System Requirements


  • XP/Vista/Windows 7 (64-bit compatible)
  • 800X600 minimum monitor resolution
  • CD ROM drive or Internet connection (for installation)
  • Minimum 512MB RAM recommended
  • 240 MB hard drive space required for software and user manual


  • G4 or higher recommended.
  • OS X 10.5-10.7 (Mac-Intel or Power PC)
  • 800X600 minimum monitor resolution
  • CD ROM drive or Internet connection (for installation)
  • Minimum 512MB RAM recommended
  • 226 MB hard drive space required for software and user manual


  • MIDI interface
  • MIDI input and/or playback device
  • Printer


SongWriter requires that you authorize the software within 30 days after installation. You are allowed to install SongWriter on one operating system.

File Compatibility

Finale family software can open files in the same or newer software version, but files created in a newer version cannot be opened in an older version unless converted via MusicXML.