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The Gold Privacy Filter for 14" ThinkPad Notebooks utilizes the patented 3M microlouver privacy technology to prevent onlookers from viewing confidential information on your screen, blocking the vision of wandering eyes providing a full 120 degree security. It also guards your screen from scratches and smears.
Unlike other generic filters in the market place, the Gold Lenovo Privacy Filter provides better protection - nearly 2X more effective privacy protection, with a nice premium glossy surface that increases clarity and 'viewability'
Highest level of clarity among 3M privacy filters
Reversible to black - One filter, two looks. Use the glossy gold side or flip the filter over for a gloss black surface.
Offers Privacy: 120 degree (60 degrees from both sides)
Maintains high clarity
Residue-free removal
Easy to apply and remove
No blurring or distortion