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Product ID: 1732366 | Mfg Part #: GB42954

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Screen Protection for iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 6s Plus

Scratch-proof, shatter-resistant Survivor Glass protects your iPhone 7 Plus touchscreen like nothing else.

Sapphire Glass - Formed from man-made sapphire glass, Survivor Glass delivers unmatched clarity and shatter resistance. The 0.57-millimeter glass shields your phone's Multi-Touch display with zero distortion to its Retina display, so your videos and pictures still look fantastic. And Survivor Glass retains all the touch sensitivity and functionality of your regular screen ... even 3D Touch functions.

Unparalleled Protection From Scratches, Smudges and Grease - Offering almost two times the scratch resistance of glass alone, Survivor Glass guards your screen from large visible scratches AND minute micro-abrasions that lead to a screen looking dull and lifeless. An additional .05 mm oleophobic layer prevents smudges and grease, keeping your screen showroom clean.

Reinforced Where It Counts - Reinforced finishing on the edges of Survivor Glass keep chips and micro-cracks from forming that eventually lead to crazing and cracking. And Survivor Glass is backed with optics-quality adhesive that attaches the screen protector to your screen without bubbles, smearing, or artifacts.

Your iPhone 7 Plus screen is a whopping huge slab of amazing. Keep it bright, clean and perfect with Survivor Glass.