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EL65+ Touchscreen

The iBT EL65+ is the perfect touchscreen for users who want the essential features. A 1080p HD 65" screen with 10 point touch, anti-glare, MoHs 7 toughened glass and 15w speakers. Use the built in Android or plug into any standard Windows laptop or PC and you are ready to go. An optional PC slot is also available.

Multitude of connection ports

Connect your devices to the EL65+ and share content with the room, includes VGA, RS232, HDMI, USB and more.

Stylus and finger responsive

Use your fingers, the included pen or any stylus type of object to interact with the touchscreen (even a carrot will work!). No special cleaning required, just wipe with a cloth.

Super tough, Mohs 7 hardness

Durable and strong, the EL65+ comes with Mohs7 screen hardness, (diamond strength) perfect for multiuser environments, interact without worry of damage.

1080p Full HD screen resolution

Watch and read content in high quality with the antiglare 1080p HD screen Keep your audience engaged with your content without needing to darken the room.