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IBM SPSS Statistics Standard Grad Pack 28.0 Academic (Windows Download - 6 Month License)

Fundamental analytical capabilities for a range of business and research questions

The IBM SPSS Statistics Standard Edition offers the core statistical procedures business managers and analysts need to address fundamental business and research questions. This software provides tools that allow users to quickly view data, formulate hypotheses for additional testing, and carry out procedures to clarify relationships between variables, create clusters, identify trends and make predictions.

The IBM SPSS Statistics Standard edition includes the following key capabilities:

  • Linear models offer a variety of regression and advanced statistical procedures designed to fit the inherent characteristics of data describing complex relationships.
  • Nonlinear models provide the ability to apply more sophisticated models to data.
  • Geospatial analytics techniques enable users to integrate, explore and model location and time data.
  • Simulation capabilities help analysts automatically model many possible outcomes when inputs are uncertain, improving risk analysis and decision making.
  • Customized tables enable users to easily understand their data and quickly summarize results in different styles for different audiences.

What's New: 

SPSS Statistics Standard includes techniques for working with date and time data

IBM SPSS Statistics Standard includes new analytical techniques to help you explore data in time and space and make better predictions. The latest version brings you:

Geospatial analytics

SPSS Statistics includes geospatial analytics capabilities to help you explore the relationship between data elements that are tied to a geographic location.

  • Discover trends over time and space—Use the Spatio-Temporal Prediction (STP) technique to fit linear models for measurements taken over time at locations in 2D and 3D space, so you can predict how those areas may change over time.
  • Create association rules that incorporate geospatial attributes—Find associations between spatial and non-spatial attributes using the Generalized Spatial Association Rule (GSAR). It uses historical data such as location, type of event and the time an event happened to describe the occurrences of events, such as crimes or disease.


Product may only be sold to an individual who is currently enrolled in an institution of higher education located in the United States to obtain a degree or participate in a continuing education program, for educational purposes and non-commercial academic research. Non-commercial academic research which means research by a degree-seeking student where (i) the results of such research are not intended primarily for the benefit of a third party, (ii) such results are made available to anyone without restriction on use, copying or further distribution, and (iii) any copy of such result is furnished for no more than the cost of reproduction.

Also to note, the student must reside in one of the 50 US states only; territories such like sovereign military locations, PR or USVI are not included.

System Requirements


  • Operating system: Windows 8 desktop/laptop versions or Windows 10, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012 R2. 


  • Memory:  8 gigabyte(GB) of RAM .
  • Minimum free drive space: 4 GB
  • 1024*768 or higher screen resolution 
  • 2 GHz or faster 
  • Download - 64 bit Only