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Hamilton Buhl
Product ID: 1461023 | Mfg Part #: Venu100
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The All-New Hamilton Venu100 is a powerful, versatile portable PA with all the latest features that you demand. We started with a powerful 100 Watt amplifier with built-in rechargable batteries and added the latest in mulitmedia features including DVD, CD, MP3 and Cassette support. The Venu100 also includes high capacity internal batteries for 4 to 6 hours of portable operation and dual UHF mic recievers for maximum versatility. The Venu100 is great for large indoor and outdoor events such as press conferences, sports venues, graduation ceremonies, musical productions or any other settings that need great portable sound quality.

Specifications: Power Supply AC 120V ~60Hz 1.0A Two DC 12V 5AH built-in rechargeable batteries External DC 12V 5A RMS Power 40W Signal to Noise Ratio >90dB Distortion >1% Frequency Response ...................... 40Hz-20KHz (± 1dB) Frequency Rang 174-216Mhz Oscillating Mode ±0.005% quartz control phase locked Speaker 1 Built-in 8" horn speaker Microphones 2 Handheld microphones Wireless Receiver 2 UHF Inputs 2 wired MIC inputs 1 balanced input 2 sets of AUX-In (RCA stereo audio jacks) Outputs 2 CD audio Handle Telescoping to 15.5" from top of casing Casters Rubber 3.5 diameter