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Hamilton Buhl
Product ID: 879625 | Mfg Part #: MM-9
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Mighty Mike Megaphone with Mic

20 watt Mighty Mike Bull Horn megaphone with wired microphone!

The 20 watt Hamilton MM9 comes with a wired microphone and is capable of projecting voice for up to 1/2 mile with exceptional clarity.


  • Attached remote microphone allows for over-the-shoulder use

  • Exceptional clarity

  • LightwFour, impact-resistant, durable steel/plastic construction

  • For indoor and outdoor use

  • Operates on 8 “C” cell batteries (not included)

•Output Power: Rated 15W (Max 25W)
•Wired External Microphone with Bracket and Trigger
•Range: 500-900 yards depending on terrain
•Power: 8 C Cell batteries (Not Included)
•Shoulder strap included