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Hamilton Buhl
Product ID: 722343 | Mfg Part #: HH/W906-MULTI
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The W906 is the ultimate cordless headphone system for use in classroom, library or other training situations. Supplied with six multi-colored headphones with individual volume controls and transmitter.


  • Transmitter

  • Headphones

  • AC Adapter

  • Cables

  • Adapters

RF systems available in four distinct frequencies. Use distinct frequencies when more than one system is used in the same room or within 100 feet.

Specifications for W900-Multi Wireless Transmitter:
•Range: ± 300 feet
•4 switchable FM frequencies ◦72.500 MHz - Blue
◦72.100 MHz - Yellow
◦72.900 MHz - Green
◦74.700 MHz - Orange

•Dedicated FM channels
•Color-coded frequency switches
•AC cord for use with transmitter and headphone charging
•Superb sound without cords or wires - no interference from other electronic equipment
•Listen with an infinite number of headphones on one frequency with one transmitter

Specifications for W901-MULTI Headphones:
•Multi-channel wireless headphones
•No antenna on headphone
•Up to 35 hours of operating time between charges, with 12 to 14 hour charge time
•Superb sound quality without wires or interference
•Powered by classroom friendly internal NiMH battery
•Switchable between 4 frequencies
•6-way cable to charge headphones with one AC cord

 Specifications for HH Headphone Rack
•Sturdy teel construction with plastic base