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Suitcase TeamSync Annual Subscription (Electronic Software Delivery)

Easily manage and share fonts across your creative team. // Font Management for Small Creative Teams

Sync Up and Share Your Fonts Across Your Team
Give every team member—including in-house staff, external freelancers, publishers, and others—immediate and easy access
to your licensed font collection.

Instant Access to Font Libraries
Reduce the time previously spent on installing, removing, and managing individual fonts and their licenses. Simply invite users
to your cloud-based repository for immediate font access.

Easy to Implement & Maintain
No IT support? No problem. All you need is a browser and an Internet connection to connect and manage your team’s user
access to your font libraries in the cloud.

Trusted Font Management
Included FREE with Suitcase TeamSync is Suitcase Fusion— empowering you with the ability to organize, find, and activate
fonts in your creative applications. Suitcase Fusion is the font manager trusted by more than 100,000 creative professionals.

  • Easy font discovery - Quickly find the right font for the job with browse and search options and customizable font previews of your collection.
  • Auto-activation and font access in Adobe applications - The right fonts automatically turn on when you open files in your creative design applications, including Adobe InDesign, Illustrator, and Photoshop—and your entire font collection is also instantly available through the Extensis plugin panel.
  • Guaranteed font accuracy - Patented Font Sense technology ensures that the precise font is activated, saving you from missing font errors and inconsistencies.


  • Streamlined, professional font management provides an easy way to share font collections
  • Synchronize and share team’s font library using the Extensis cloud
  • Easy to set up and start using immediately
  • Powered by Amazon Web Services technology, so team fonts are always backed up and safe
  • Straightforward user management that makes it easy to invite users and modify permissions
  • Simple and affordable annual subscription that includes free software and OS compatibility upgrades

Suitcase TeamSync™ is the cloud-based font sharing service for small teams.

To get started with Suitcase TeamSync, you need:

  • An Extensis account for the team’s leader (“License Manager;” sign up at
  • One of the following browsers to manage your team:
    • Internet Explorer® 10 or later (for managing from Windows 7 or later), or
    • Microsoft Edge (for managing from Windows 10), or
    • Safari® 7 or later (for managing from macOS), or
    • The current release of Firefox®, or the current Extended Support Release, or
    • The current release of Chrome™

In addition, each team member needs:

  • An account (created automatically when you invite someone to join your team)
  • A copy of Suitcase Fusion (System Requirements are here).

Access to Suitcase TeamSync shared libraries with Suitcase Fusion does not require purchasing a license for Suitcase Fusion; this use is included in the Suitcase TeamSync license.