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DC896 Diggiditto Smart Document Camera

Offering 12x optical zoom, three light modes, an annotation feature, a remote control, and the ability to save infinite pictures via USB, the DC896 delivers all of the audio / visual controls you'd expect from a flatbed document camera.

The Diggiditto can also be used in conjunction with material already prepared on a computer to shift back and forth between the two to explain concepts, regardless of the discipline. The DC896 can be used for displaying textbook pages, student work, and lots more.

This sustainable technology provides a large visual element so students can better visualize the content, it will inspire interactivity and improve student presentation skills. The DC896 has multiple inputs and outputs on the rear and side to easily connect with multiple devices.

  • Fully rotating camera head with built-in infrared receiver from the remote control

  • USB connection for computer compatability and can be then projected onto a screen, TV, electronic whiteboard or PDP screen in real time

  • Dual LED lights for full illumination from above

  • Built-in full size lightbox (8.5" x 11") allows for the full display of negatives, x-rays, and transparencies