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Product ID: 716225 | Mfg Part #: 7010-06533-01
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Avid Optional Component Cable

Enables component video sources to connect via Avid Mojo's built-in S-video and composite video jacks. Provides 2 cables included - one for input, one for output both break out to 3 female BNC connectors.

Users who require component video I/O simply plug this optional, low-cost cable into the built-in s-video and composite connectors, which splits out to 3 component BNC connectors (both input and output cable sets provided). This preserves the innovative design and inherent portability that every Avid Mojo provides while simultaneously providing high quality component video I/O (4:2:2) for customers who require these connections - especially those that wish to take full advantage of Avid Mojo's 1:1 media capture and playback support.