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AE-711V Classroom Pack with Carrying Case (30 Pack)

AVID's Classroom Packs make storing and moving your headphones easy and convenient. Each classroom pack includes our durable, lightweight carrying case and several headphones. The carrying case protects the headphones during storage, as well as keeping them clean and ready for use.

This classroom headphone pack is specifically designed for students and learning environments. Perfect for classrooms, libraries and learning centers. This pack is popular with teachers and students alike with a comfortable fit that can adjust for different ages.


  • Features ultra cushioned vinyl ear pads the help block out surrounding noises
  • Very easy to clean
  • The earpieces rotate and the headband is adjustable to ensure a comfortable fit
  • Plastic, adjustable headband
  • 6" Cord
  • 3.5mm Stereo plug

Includes (30) AE-711V headphones and carrying case