Affiliate Program

Earn $$ from sales that come from your Web site!

If you have a Web site that attracts students or teachers/faculty, then you need to become a JourneyEd affiliate. You will be able to offer your academic visitors savings up to 75% off popular software commercial retail prices. Become an affiliate member today. Its fast, free and easy. Simply follow the link below and complete the Affiliate Application. Your site will be quickly reviewed and once approved you can add links to your site.

You earn 2% for every sale referred from your site!

Yes, that's correct! Here's how it works. A student or teacher visits your site. They click on your JourneyEd link (can be text, button or banner), and enter the online store. They place an order and you earn a 2% commission on the order total. Its's that simple! If your site attracts lots of students or teachers/faculty, you can do very well.

Our trusted third party tracks and pays you.

Unlike other Affiliate programs, ours uses an independent third party tracking system. The name of this program is Commission Junction. Commission Junction is a respected industry leader that has a state of the art tracking system. 100% of your results are monitored. This information is accessible to you 24 hours a day through this trusted third party's web-site. You can track click-thru's and actual orders anytime, at your convenience.

Who can become a JourneyEd Affiliate?

Anyone with a Web site can apply to become an affiliate. Because we only sell to students and teachers/faculty/staff members, some the best affiliate sites are operated by fellow students and educators.

  • Students - If you have a site that attracts other students.
  • Student Organizations - This is a great fund-raising vehicle.
  • Instructors - If you have your own site, this is a great service to offer your students when they check-in for assignments, etc.
  • Schools - Add an online academic software store to your school site.

As a JourneyEd Affiliate, this is a great value content-add to your site that will keep visitors coming back and increase your traffic.


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