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iLearn iTeach Apps for iPad

Pre K - Adult

Learn and teach in exciting new ways using many mobile digital device apps for the iPad

Why this book?

The iPad is a favorite of all age groups because of many factors including, but not limited to, portability, features, fun, screen resolution, audio output, versatility, and ease of use. Many schools are selecting the iPad as the device to use in a 1:1 scenario or on classroom carts, and decisions must be made as to the apps to install.

With close to 400,000 apps available in the iTunes store for the Apple handheld devices (and more added continually), it is difficult to find the perfect app to address a particular task.

Apps covered include:

  • Words with Friends
  • Dragon
  • iTalk
  • National Geographic Ultimate Dinopedia
  • Air Sketch
  • Clock Pro HD
  • Convert Units HD
  • Office2
  • Pocket Phonics
  • Print Central
  • World Geography HD
  • Earth Observer
  • European Exploration
  • Projector
  • Puppet Pals
  • Globe Covert
  • Grammar Up
  • Idea Sketch
  • Fast Finga
  • Speaking Spell Comprehensive HD
  • Speaking Spell K–3
  • Virtuoso Piano Free

  • Tips for Using the iPad:

    • Locking the orientation
    • Projecting to a screen
    • Entering data . . . and more
  • Utilities

  • Apps for core subjects
  • Play music on iPad
  • Convert units
  • Enter handwriting

Favorite apps:

  • Curricular apps
  • Math
  • Science
  • Language arts
  • Social studies
  • Fine arts: music, art
  • Foreign language
  • Other
  • Productivity apps
  • Reference apps
  • Useful utilities

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Table of Contents