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Science Explorer I

Grade Levels: 4-9

Young Einsteins will love exploring the virtual science museum in this award-winning software. Incredible 3D graphics and slide shows stimulate scientific study in 7 galleries including:

  • The human being.

  • Forces and motion.

  • The material world.

  • Space and games.

  • Living things.

  • Electricity.

  • Light and sound

In each exhibit, students learn about scientific concepts, conduct investigative experiments, and test themselves. All 26 experiments are interactive. Students can collect information, images, and their own observations in an easily-accessed folder. Other special features include a comprehensive glossary of terms, a logbook to track students' progress around the museum, and teacher support materials.

"Not only does the museum itself look superb, but the experiments and topic screens are beautifully created to be simple and yet inviting to the young mind." - CD-ROM Magazine

  • 7 Galleries to explore in virtual science museum

  • 26 Interactive experiments

  • Students collect observations and information in their own folder

  • Amazing 3D graphics and slide shows

  • Teacher support materials included

System Requirements


  • OS 7.1+

  • 68040

  • 8 Mb RAM


  • Win 3.1+

  • 486

  • 4 Mb RAM

  • 2X CD, SVGA