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  • EXTRA LAYER OF MAXIMUM SCREEN PROTECTION - TRAKK iphone 7 plus screen protector pro is made of extremely toughened glass that underwent extreme heat treatment followed by rapid surface cooling. This gives TRAKK Tempered Glass its maximum scratch resistance and shatter-proof properties. It can withstand cuts and scrapes even from the sharpest metallic object without leaving a single scratch or any mark. It will also protect your phone's screen from the impacts of accidental drops.
  • HD QUALITY / EXTREME TOUCH ACCURACY - TRAKK Tempered Glass isn't only tough, it's also high tech. It was designed to give a level of transparency of 98% giving you an absolutely clear and unobstructed view of your screen. We also made it thin enough so it will not interrupt with any of your phone's touch features giving you extreme touch accuracy as if the tempered glass screen protector is not there. And iphone 7 plus glass screen protector easy to install.
  • ANTI FINGER PRINT OLEOPHOBIC COATING - TRAKK iphone 7 plus tempered glass no fingerprints no glare maintains its high transparency for HD Quality output by preventing smears and smudges caused by oil, sweat and moisture from your hands, fingers and face. We applied a layer of protective film that repels oil and moisture making its surface very easy to clean. This also makes your phones screen stay crystal clear without the need of constant wiping and cleaning.
  • SLEEK AND ELEGANT TAPERED (ROUNDED) EDGE - We designed TRAKK Iphone 7 Plus Tempered Glass to have a tapered, rounded edge to provide seamless and elegant transition of the tempered glass to your iPhone's screen surface. This gets rid of that ugly visible border seen in other ordinary tempered glasses maintaining the true elegance and beauty of your iPhone. It is gives space for allowance on the screen's edges for standard iPhone protective casings.
  • QUICK AND EASY INSTALLATION - Installation of TRAKK Tempered Glass is quick and easy. Just clean your phone's screen with the cleaning cloth provided to prevent bubbles, remove the protective film on the sticky side of the tempered glass and gently place on top of the clean, dust and speck free surface of your screen. Use the gaps and spaces provided for the home button and ear-piece as alignment guide when applying the screen protector.