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TOPICS Entertainment Outrageous Big Machines

Real life bulldozers, trucks and other big machines!

Kids who canít get enough of seeing a big-rig on the freeway or a tractor digging along the side of the road will love this collection. See what it takes to create a multi-lane highway, get behind the controls of a monster dozer, sit up high in an 18-wheeler or see how a real heavy-duty truck is made!

Run Time: Approximately 120 minutes

Product Features

  • Four engaging and educational films

  • Includes Awesome Road Construction, I Wanna Be a Heavy Equipment Operator, Awesome Big Rigs and I Wanna Be A Truck Driver

  • See how trucks are made in a real Kenworth manufacturing plant

  • Blast mountains of debris and move rubble with real construction equipment

  • Find out about the makes, models, weight limits and top speeds of big rigs

System Requirements
Standard Definition DVD or Blu-ray Player