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Smart Audio Video Innovation
Product ID: 1679616 | Mfg Part #: CSW16X16S

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SmartAVI's High Definition HDTV CAT5/6 Video Matrix Switch for XGA, Component Video, Composite Video and S-Video with full stereo audio support and optional full IR/RS232 non-blocking matrix switching. With this unit you can switch up to 16 remote devices to 16 remote displays located up to 1500ft away. You can control this Video Matrix Switcher with PC software, RS/232, IR or through the Internet.

CAT5 Video Matrix Switch routes audio and video signals from several different video sources out to multiple displays (projectors, monitors, etc.) and speakers via inexpensive Cat5/6 UTP cable. Video Matrix Switcher via CAT5/6 is capable of connecting to as many as 16 video sources via transmitters and 16 video displays via receivers with a maximum extension of 1500 feet between the transmitter and receiver units. A single audio/video output can be routed to one or multiple destinations. Video is transmitted at a resolution of 1900 x 1200 to insure high resolution images. Buffered video outputs and analog delivery of stereo audio maintains optimum integrity throughout the system. Special remote boxes offer compatibility with Video Composite, UXGA, Component Video and S-Video.