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Product ID: 1644826 | Mfg Part #: RK8-HLX-500-S

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MEDICAL FIELD - In the medical field where sensitive electronic devices are used, isolating workstation computers can be a matter of safety. The RK8-HLX-500 allows the workstation computers to be housed in a central location, away from sensitive devices.

INDUSTRIAL WORK AREAS - In industrial work areas that may be too harsh for a workstation computer, the RK8-HLX-500 can consolidate the computers into a safe location.

DIGITAL SIGNAGE - When it comes to digital signage, the RK8-HLX-500 is an excellent deployment option. With the RK8-HLX-500, up to eight digital signage devices can be centralized and secured from public access.

INFORMATION KIOSKS/DISPLAYS - As with most information booths and kiosks, there is a risk of damage or theft. The RK8-HLX-500 is the best way to secure computer hardware, by consolidating it to a secure location away from public access.