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The Big Bus (200+ Students)

Make the Journey of Learning fund with The Big Bus 2.0!

The Big Bus 2.0 provides the very best in engaging, interactive learning activities that reinforce classroom teaching in reading and writing, math, and science. Covering skills for students from PreK to grade 5, The Big Bus addresses and is aligned to Commo Ccore learning standards as well as developing 21st century thinking skills.

Designed to make the journey of learning fun, teachers and students explore one of three worlds, based on age-range and ability. The 40+ interactive modules help students develop basic to advanced skills.

  • Enchanted World - PreK students learn keyboarding, counting and letter recognition, and develop problem solving skills and spatial awareness.

  • Adventurers’ World - K-grade 2 students test math skills, practice sight words and explore reference books to develop information gathering skills.

  • Explorers’ World – Students grades 3 to 5 utilize a problem-solving, interactive environment to learn STEM skills, including LOGO and forces and motion, as well as develop writing skills within content areas.

Teacher Tools allow The Big Bus 2.0 activities to be customized to match student skill level and physical need. Teacher notes, lesson ideas and worksheets accompany many activities and allow educators greater flexibility for classroom use.

Activities to support any environment

Activities are designed to complement a variety of technology environments including traditional labs, portable computers and student home computers. In addition, all activities are now fully whiteboard compatible. Many have been enhanced for multi-player use, creating the perfect setting for collaborative activity with groups of students.