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Return to Mechania (10 User)

Return to Mechania

Long ago, the kingdom of Mechania was known throughout the world for its citizens’ skill with mechanisms and machines. But Mechania fell upon darker times and the citizens were banished. Now the time has come to return to their former greatness. They will face many dangers on the way, and many puzzles must be solved, but will they succeed? The future is in the balance, and in your hands...

All the design technology, none of the equipment!

Get your class’s cross-curricular problem-solving cogs turning with this exciting software – ideal for this hard-to-teach curriculum area. Mechanisms and key principles are all brought together to create meaningful and engaging problem-solving opportunities – guaranteed to develop thinking skills and broaden pupils’ understanding.

  • Two levels of difficulty throughout
  • Highly interactive and flexible ‘Explore’ mode for each mechanism – perfect for whole-class work
  • Fascinating diagram and mathematical ‘views’
  • Motivating ‘Adventure’ to practise knowledge and understanding
  • All key mechanisms covered: cams, linkages, balances, pneumatics, pulleys and gears
  • Enables cross-curricular work that spans DT, mathematics, science and ICT

Age range Grades 2 - 8