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Leaps and Bounds Series - 4 CD Set (Unlimited Site)

Leaps and Bounds is an enjoyable educational experience for young children. The programs use bright and colorful characters to stimulate the imagination of young learners, and encourage the development of vital early learning skills.

Leaps and Bounds will help to:

  • develop pre-reading skills
  • lengthen concentration span
  • enhance decision-making processes
  • improve tracking and left-right orientation.

Leaps and Bounds is an easy-to-use educational CD-ROM, which is energetic, humorous and full of fun surprises.

Leaps and Bounds 2 and 3 follow in the series. Each CD comprises six highly motivating and educational activities with no text or speech, making them suitable for early learners in all countries. These programs:

  • encourage visual and auditory memory
  • reinforce targeting and communication skills
  • develop pre-reading and cause and effect skills
  • improve mouse skills and hand/eye coordination
  • provide opportunities for pupils to communicate and extend their vocabulary range.

Age range: 3 to 5 year olds