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Here's Splodge (Unlimited Site)

Here’s Splodge

Splodge, the lovable blue paint splat, accompanies children as they search the preschool and early elementary classroom for his missing friends. Along the way Splodge and the children encounter a whole host of thought-provoking cross-curricular challenges, including mending the toy-making machine, creating the correct sequence to blow Billy Boat across the water tray and decorating fussy Panda’s cake.

The perfect introduction to adventure software, Here’s Splodge! features a cast of colorful characters, engaging activities and is delivered with a sense of fun that early learners will find irresistible.


  • Six activities, each with two levels of difficulty • Adventure and Activity Modes
  • Simple Teacher Options
  • Fully narrated
  • Develops early problem solving,prediction and modelling skills

Age Range - PreK, 3 to 5 years of age