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Bucket and Spade (5 User)

Bucket & Spade

Features & Benefits

Students join Bucket & Spade at the seaside in eight entertaining activities covering almost every aspect of PreK and early years shape and space work. With four difficulty levels, teachers easily configure the program to match specific teaching objectives.

The content is broad enough to provide both support for lower achievers and sufficient challenge for the more able right across the age range. Bucket & Spade are always on hand to help and instruct as they visit their favorite seaside locations, all vividly brought to life with rich photographic textures and colourful animations.


  • Eight activities, most at four difficulty levels
  • Naming 2-D and 3-D shapes and identifying their properties
  • Position, direction and movement
  • Repeating and symmetrical patterns
  • Whole, half and quarter turns
  • Interactive Shape Demonstrator for teacher-led work

Age range - Pre K-2nd grade