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Broadband Detectives (5 User)

The Broadband Detectives

Features & Benefits

Give pupils a safe yet stimulating environment in which to learn about, consolidate and apply essential E-safety and Web 2.0 knowledge and skills.

The Broadband Detectives is packed with tutorials, interactive tasks, video summaries and an immersive scenario in which pupils apply their grasp of E-safety concepts and their understanding of technologies such as Wikis, Blogs, E-space, Web mail and podcasting. This program ensures that all learning takes place in a safe environment, making it the ideal way to bring pupils up to speed with both the potential and the hazards of today’s World Wide Web.


  • Teaches essential E-safety principles through tutorials and pupil video summaries
  • Covers Web 2.0 applications such as Wikis, Blogs, E-space, Web mail and podcasting
  • Contains interactive tasks to ensure learning is consolidated
  • Provides an immersive environment in which pupils can apply newly learnt principles and understanding
  • Safe and secure simulated environment

Age range - 7 to 11 years of age