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BBC Science Simulations 3 (5 User)

BBC Science Simulations 3

Features & Benefits

Designed to support and enhance the teaching of science investigation skills, BBC Science Simulations 3 offers seven interactive virtual experiments. From ponds to electrical circuits, and plant growth to sun/shadow movement, the software allows teachers and pupils to explore a wide range of phenomena in ways and at speeds that would be difficult to achieve in the classroom.

Users can manipulate a variety of variables and instantly observe their effects, and can access graphs and tables to clarify the results, providing a focus for interpretation and scientific explanation. In addition, the option to view two investigations simultaneously allows pupils to make direct comparisons.


  • Seven interactive simulations
  • Changing state
  • Plant germination and growth
  • Food webs
  • Exercise and health
  • Electrical circuits
  • Light and shadows
  • Forces and friction

Age range - 9 - 11 years of age