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BBC Science Simulations 2 (10 User)

BBC Science Simulations 2

*Features & Benefits**

BBC Science Simulations 2 provides exciting opportunities for Lower Key Stage 2 pupils to interact with seven virtual science investigations. Within minutes pupils can observe how shadows change over the course of a day, investigate which of four materials is the best thermal insulator, and much more.

Users can develop their understanding of fair testing by controlling variables on screen and can see instant results by selecting to view a table or graph alongside the animation. A ‘Questions’ section with full narration provides ideas for investigations that pupils can complete independently. The clear graphics and simple controls also make the software perfect for use on an interactive whiteboard.


  • Seven interactive simulations
  • Table view
  • Graph view
  • Multi-sim function
  • Questions section
  • Plants and growth
  • Light and shadows
  • Exercise and health
  • Electrical circuits
  • Thermal insulation
  • Food chains
  • Forces and friction

Age range - 7 - 9 years of age