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Sennheiser Momentum HD1 On-Ear Wireless

Luxurious portability. Designed for uncompromising portability, the HD 1 On-Ear Wireless offers full-sized HD 1 quality in a more compact frame. It features hybrid active NoiseGard™ noise cancellation and state-of-the-art Bluetooth technology. Lightweight stainless steel sliders reflect the essential design purity of the HD 1 family, while its soft Alcantara®-covered ear pads ensure excellent wearing comfort.


HD1 Around Ear Wireless



HD1 Around Ear Wireless



HD1 Around Ear Wireless


Wireless Freedom

Bluetooth 4.0, NFC, touch control, voice prompts, 3-way calling and multi-connectivity.

Immediate Pairing

Near Field Communication (NFC) provides effortless 'at a touch' Bluetooth pairing with any NFC-enabled device.

Premium Materials

Stainless steel headband and leather covered ear cushions deliver style and durability to the iconic design.

Foldable Headband

Compact design is easy to collapse, store and take with you in the supplied soft case.






HD1 Around Ear Wireless



HD1 Around Ear Wireless



HD1 Around Ear Wireless



Hybrid active noise cancellation virtually eliminates unwanted ambient sound.

VoiceMax Technology

Dual built-in microphones dynamically cancel out external noise for perfect speech intelligibility.

Multi-device Connectivity

Connect up to 2 devices simultaneously (phones and computers) and up to 8 devices in the pairing list.

Long Listening Sessions

22 hour battery life with Bluetooth and NoiseRad activate.