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ET55 8.3IN WAN NALA WIN10 Z3795


When it comes to functionality, consumer-grade tablets offer your business too little at too high a total cost of ownership. On the other hand, high-priced ultra-rugged tablets offer too many unnecessary features with little or none of the aesthetic appeal of consumer devices. The ET50/ET55 are the answer you've been waiting for, providing the flexibility to choose exactly what you need-and only the features you need-to increase workforce productivity without compromising consumer styling.

With the ET50/ET55's unequaled accessory ecosystem, you can select the right accessories to improve length of battery life, ruggedness, scanning capabilities, and carrying options-in addition to choosing the operating system and the display size that best suits your needs. Whatever you decide, you gain an enterprise solution with elegant styling that can be used inside or outside the four walls from the warehouse to the storefront.