Rosetta Stone Spanish (Latin America) Level 1-5 Set (Academic Download)(Win)

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Life in your new language starts here.

It's not an overpromise.

It's at the core of our method's effectiveness.

Because instead of translating to and from your current language, we create a unique world that exposes you to new vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation in a scientific way that stimulates and engages your brain's natural language learning ability.

The secret of our success isn't magic. It's immersion.

From lesson one, the language you're learning is the only one you'll use

No Translation
Although it may sound intimidating, it's actually a good thing. Without your native language for support, you'll have no choice but to be actively engaged in learning your new language. And that totally increases your chance for success.

Other language learning programs have you merely memorize words and phrases. Our method introduces your new language systematically—to help you internalize it and naturally develop a sense of how to use it correctly.

Every step of our method exposes you to a combination of language you've learned and language you don't know yet. Think of it as another reason our approach is so effective: We don't just teach you a new language, we're actually teaching you how to learn it.

Start learning in a way that seems totally simple and intuitive — because the experience is so well designed.

We believe the best way to learn a new language is to use it. That's why our method combines listening, reading, speaking, and writing to reinforce your new skills and help them stick.

Our interactive course carefully choreographs the way you're introduced to images, words, and phrases so you'll learn their meaning through context.

From lesson to lesson, you'll use the words and phrases you've learned to understand new vocabulary as it's introduced.

Rather than allowing you to rely on repetition and parroting, our sequence leads you to arrive at the right answers intuitively. Our smart system presents new material—and revisits some you've already covered—at just the right intervals to make sure it's all coming together. Instead of memorizing rules, you'll start to discover patterns. You'll naturally develop a sense of what's right. And immediate feedback will help you build confidence that you're using your new language correctly.

Speak up, with the confidence you're doing it right.

Getting you to communicate confidently in your new language is our goal. That's why you'll start speaking in the very first lesson—and continue building your verbal and conversation skills along the way. Good thing our speech recognition technology is paying attention to every word.

In a fraction of a second, it recognizes what you've said, compares your pronunciation to a native speaker model, evaluates it, and gives you instant feedback.

Our speech recognition technology is highly advanced. And it's proprietary—which means you won't find individual attention like it anywhere else. But there's more.

When you're ready, we'll introduce you to real conversation in online sessions lead by coaches who are native speakers. You'll communicate with them and other learners—entirely in your new language—to supercharge your learning and boost your confidence in your new skills.

What Will I Learn

The complete Spanish set will enable you to express your ideas and opinions in Spanish and master the conversational skills required to plan adventures, care for your health, and move abroad.

This level will help you:

  • Build your vocabulary and language abilities
  • Read, write, speak and understand your new language
  • Speak without a script
  • Retain what you've learned
  • Practice unscripted conversations in your new language
  • Negotiate complex situations with confidence and accuracy

Sample topics include:

  • The basics, such as age and family relations
  • Questions, greetings, introductions
  • Telling time, calendar terms, the weather
  • Directions, locations, dining out
  • Emotions, opinions, ideas
  • Political, media, business terms
  • Arranging home repairs
  • Planning to move abroad
  • Discussing the arts and tourism
  • Careers and conducting interviews
  • Problem-solving and commercial transactions

What's Included

  • Interactive Software - Our latest award winning version teaches you to speak, read, write, and think in your new language.
  • Live Conversation Sessions† - Online sessions with native speakers help you refine your conversation skills.
  • Games & Community†- Language-enhancing games move you towards real-world proficiency.
  • At home on your PC or Mac - Access from any web-enabled Mac or PC, in any browser.
  • On the go with our mobile apps†* - Enhance your learning with our iPad®, iPhone®, and Android™ apps.

All Level Packages Include

  • INTERACTIVE SOFTWARE - Learn at your own pace with our award-winning course content, across all levels.
  • UP TO 5 USERS - Install software on up to 2 computers, for use by up to 5 household members.

†Free 3 months access included with purchase for one user, at least 13 years of age.
* Mobile apps are not compatible with all languages and devices.


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