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Product ID: 1667673 | Mfg Part #: USBC-E1000

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  • Upgrading a USB Type-C Retina MacBook 12 (rMB) or Chromebook Pixel 2015 to wired gigabit speeds.
  • Connecting to faster, more reliable wired networks to avoid reception issues with WiFi.
  • Anyone with a USB 2.0 Ethernet adapter on a USB Type-C system interested in improving connection speeds.
  • Sharing your internet connection to another device from a Windows PC.
  • Replacing a damaged Ethernet port without opening a PC case.

To maximize network access speeds, select a USB Type-C SuperSpeed Gigabit network adapter if your computer has a USB Type-C port. USB 2.0 gigabit adapters are limited to maximum speeds of 480 Mbps by the USB 2.0 bus, while USB 3.0 bus allows the USB3-E1000 to realize the full potential of a Gigabit network, since it isn't limited by the USB bus speed. Testing in the Plugable lab using the iperf application on a local server have yielded speeds up to 890 Mbps. However real-world speeds around 400-600 Mbps are more realistic. When accessing sites on the internet, the bandwidth provided by your Internet service provider will likely determine your ultimate speeds.