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Product ID: 1734579 | Mfg Part #: V554-THS

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55IN LED TOUCH 1920X1080 4000:1

ThinkHub is a multiuser software application designed to help teams to ideate, visualize, and problem solve. By consolidating all information on a large-format touchscreen, ThinkHub transforms traditional meetings into more proactive, effective sessions that drive conversations, positively impact performance levels, and that physically alter the workspace. You and your team can share content to ThinkHub via USB drive or by sharing your device screen. So instead of hovering around an individual screen or switching the view of a shared screen, ThinkHub allows you to see everything, all at once. ThinkHub Standard can run on LAN or WAN environment.

ThinkHub includes:

  • V554 NEC Monitor with integrated Baanto ShadowSense™ touch
  • HUB software running on MAC OS Appliance
  • 3YR hardware warranty
  • Display Port Cable
  • SurgeX Suppressor
  • Onsite Warranty for Display
  • Freight
  • Optional Items are 4K Camera, Wall or Cart Mount and 1-3 Year Software Support Options.
  • 6-8 week lead time