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Surface Touch Cover 2 (Gray )

2.5 mm thin, pressure-sensitive keyboard responds to the touch of your fingertips. Smart enough to know when you are deliberately pressing a key, or just resting your hands. The keyboard is illuminated in low light, making it easy for you to use after the family goes to sleep. Click in Touch Cover in an instant using a proprietary magnetic connection. To remove, simply pull Touch Cover away. There are no buttons or locks to get in the way.

Navigate Windows easily with Windows shortcut keys. Built-in trackpad gives you the touchscreen experience, without ever having to take your hands off the keyboard. When Touch Cover is folded back like a magazine, keystrokes are automatically disabled to prevent accidental data input. To return to typing mode, just flip Touch Cover back into keyboard position. Close Touch Cover to shut off the display, preserving battery life and protecting your screen when you're on the move.

* Surface 2
* Pro
* Pro 2
* RT