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Finale 2012 Competitive Trade-Up (While Supplies Last)

Finale 2012 Competitive Trade-Up

We're convinced that once you try Finale notation software, you'll love it – in fact, we're so convinced that today we're giving you the chance to upgrade from Sibelius or other competitors' products to Finale for just $138.95!

Customers will need to provide a valid serial number from competing products such as Sibelius, Encore, Notion, or Overture in order to activate their Finale Competitive Trade-Up license.

Compose. Arrange. Teach. Share. Unleash your potential with Finale.

From inspiration to applause, music comes alive with Finale.

Easily compose, arrange, notate, and print publisher-quality sheet music that plays back with world-class sounds. Whether you're creating orchestral film scores or .MP3 files for your iPod®, Finale offers you the flexibility and freedom to create any music you can imagine.

Your Creative Flow

Focus on your art.

Leave the rest to Finale - When inspiration strikes, Finale takes care of the details so you can focus on your music. Capture ideas as fast as you can – with no obstacles to slow you down.



Your music. Your way. - In an instant you can move measures, change keys, or perform dozens of edits to capture, arrange, perfect, and print anything you can imagine.

Finale even offers creative and editorial input, from automatically harmonizing your melody to indicating when an instrument is out of range.

Enter notes. Your way. - The choice is yours. Play in your notes with a MIDI keyboard, mouse, or computer keyboard. Scan existing sheet music or import a wide variety of file types, including MIDI and MusicXML. You can even capture a brass or woodwind performance with Finale’s MicNotator®.

No more barriers between inspiration and applause.

Listen as you Create

Prepare to be blown away.

Sound quality makes a difference. - With Finale you get a selection of world-class instrument sounds from Garritan’s Personal Orchestra, Jazz & Big Band, Concert & Marching Band, World Instruments, and Authorized Steinway libraries. Finale also includes sounds from Tapspace Virtual Drumline.

Human Playback - What’s more, whether you enter your notes with a MIDI keyboard or a mouse, Finale’s exclusive Human Playback ensures that your music plays back with all the feeling, phrasing, and nuance of a live performance.

Make your music come to life with the best sound quality in the industry.

Hearing is believing. - In this video, what you SEE is an orchestra, but what you HEAR are the sounds of Garritan Personal Orchestra.





Score High Marks

Print it out.

Finale makes it easy to achieve printed perfection. - Whether you’re creating a lead sheet for a folk song or pushing the boundaries of music notation, Finale lets you achieve anything you can imagine.

Publish perfect scores.

Personalize your music to fit your style. - From music fonts to chord symbols, from time signatures to music spacing, from lyrics to percussion notation, how your music appears is up to you.

Simply choose a Document Style from Finale’s Setup Wizard, and Finale handles all the details. However, should you choose to customize ANY aspect of your music, Finale lets you do that, too.

Your music is as unique as you are. Now it can look as unique as it sounds. Only Finale provides you with the flexibility to create anything you can imagine.

More Ways to Share

Music is a universal language.

How you choose to communicate is up to you. - When you’re ready to share your music with the world, Finale provides you with more options than any other notation software.

Share your music as:

  • Audio files including .MP3, .WAV, and .AIFF
  • MusicXML and MIDI files
  • PDF files, from entire pieces to small excerpts
  • Finale files that can be shared with users of the entire Finale family: PrintMusic, SongWriter, Finale NotePad, and the free Finale Reader

And of course, you can always print your music and pass it out. No matter how you want to share, Finale has you covered.

System Requirements


  • XP/Vista/Windows 7 (64-bit compatible).
  • DVD-ROM drive.
  • 800x600 minimum monitor resolution.
  • Minimum 512MB RAM (1GB or more recommended).
  • 600MB hard drive space required for software and user manual. An additional 2GB hard drive space is required for all VST/AU sounds included with Finale 2012.


  • G4 or higher recommended. OS X 10.5-10.7 (Mac-Intel or Power PC).
  • DVD-ROM drive.
  • 800x600 minimum monitor resolution.
  • Minimum 512MB RAM (1GB or more recommended).
  • 700 MB hard drive space required for software and user manual. An additional 2GB hard drive space is required for all VST/AU sounds included with Finale 2012.


  • MIDI interface
  • MIDI input and/or playback device
  • Printer
  • Scanner
  • Microphone required for use of MicNotator®
  • A soundcard (including Standard Direct Sound, MME or ASIO drivers) is required for playing the Garritan and other VST sounds in Windows.
  • Better processor and hard drive speed is required for simultaneous use of more VST/AU instruments.


Finale requires that you authorize the software within 30 days after installation. You are allowed to install Finale on two operating systems (multiple licenses excluded).

File Compatibility

Finale family software can open files in the same or newer software version, but files created in a newer version cannot be opened in an older version unless converted via MusicXML.