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10Gb 4-Port SFP+ Ethernet Adpt

The Emulex Virtual Fabric Adapter 5 Generation 2 (VFA5.2) Network Adapter Family, which includes the OCe14104B-NX 10 GbE adapter builds on the foundation of the previous generation of Emulex VFA5 adapters by delivering performance enhancements, including RoCE v2 support and management enhancements with improved support for Lenovo XClarity. These new features help reduce complexity, reduce cost, and improve performance with Lenovo servers.

Did you know?

The Emulex VFA5.2 adapters support three methods to virtualize I/O, out of the box: Virtual Fabric Mode (vNIC1), Switch Independent mode (vNIC2) and Unified Fabric Port (UFP) mode. With Virtual Fabric, up to eight virtual network ports (vNICs) can be created with a single two-port 10 GbE network adapter.

On System x adapters, storage protocols such as iSCSI and FCoE are also supported by Features on Demand upgrades. Using a common hardware infrastructure for Ethernet and SAN and by virtualizing your network adapter, you can reduce your infrastructure capital expense.