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The Emulex 10GbE Virtual Fabric Adapters II and III for IBM® System x® are members of IBM's comprehensive networking portfolio of 10 Gb Ethernet (10GbE) converged network adapters (CNAs). They deliver industry-leading performance and scalability per watt, reducing requirements for power and cooling. Storage protocol offloads enable the efficient use of computing resources and the support of more virtual machines per CPU, and reduce the number of servers required to support data center demands. The adapters support fiber-optic or twin-ax copper cabling to maximize flexibility.

As server virtualization technology becomes more prevalent within data centers, more dynamic performance is needed for network bandwidth to satisfy these demands. The Emulex 10GbE Virtual Fabric Adapters II and III for IBM® System x® can help you break the I/O bottleneck by allowing you to allocate bandwidth where it's needed, delivering maximum application agility. Offering a full range of virtualization and convergence capabilities, the same network hardware offers Ethernet, iSCSI, or Fibre Channel over Ethernet with bandwidth that is allocated in increments from 100 Mb to 10 Gb. The next-generation Virtual Fabric Adapter for IBM System x is a fast, flexible, easy, and reliable solution for I/O virtualization.

Did you know

With IBM Virtual Fabric, up to eight virtual network ports (vNICs) can be created with a single two-port 10 GbE network adapter. Converged protocols such as iSCSI and FCoE are also supported on selected configurations. By using a common infrastructure for Ethernet and SAN, and by virtualizing your network adapter, you can reduce your infrastructure capital expense.