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The Kurio Xtreme 2 Special Edition™ is a serious 5.0 Android™ and Mediatek™ tablet with a high-resolution 7" multi-touch screen, a quad-core processor, Wi-Fi, video and a micro-HDMI connector to your TV, front and rear cameras, 16GB of internal memory storage, plus an extra 1GB of extra memory through the Micro SD Card Slot. The Kurio Xtreme 2 has a USB slot for charging with the included USB cable and includes a power adaptor. The tablet features a 24-7 customer service app that allows users to contact our customer care team right from the tablet for help!
The Kurio Xtreme 2 truly is the safest tablet built for kids with our Kurio Genius™ Internet Filtering System, which blocks inappropriate content from over 18 Billion websites. Plus, the tablet features the most detailed parental controls - set time limits, allow and block apps, set up to 8 unique profiles and more all from the password-protected and easy-to-use Parental Area.
Not only is Kurio safe, but it's also built for ultimate fun! Now loaded with 4 Disney Learning Apps - from Frozen Ice Puzzles to Mickey's Wildlife Count Along - for fun and learning all in one! Plus, the Kurio Xtreme 2 is packed with apps, games, e-books, music, and so much more! The tablet also now features Kurio Premium - each week for an entire year, an educational app, game or video will be electronically delivered to your tablet! Kids can learn and play with new apps each week completely free.
The new Kurio Xtreme 2 Special Edition™ takes kid tablets to the next level with improved technology, leading safety features, preloaded apps & games and now with Disney content and free new apps each week for an entire year! The tablet is preloaded with 4 Learning Apps from Disney™; allowing kids to learn while having fun like never before! Plus, once you start using your Kurio Xtreme 2, each week for an entire year a new app, game or e-book will be delivered right to your tablet. Every week, you and your child can have fun discovering a new app free of charge! Kurio Xtreme 2 is a serious, full-featured premium 5.0 Android™ and Mediatek™ powered tablet with a quad-core processor, 7" Multi-Touch Screen, Google Play™, 16GB of internal memory, Wi-Fi, video (micro-HDMI connector to your TV), 0.3 MPx front and 2.1 MPX rear cameras, speakers and USB and Micro SD connections. Kurio Xtreme 2 features the most detailed Parental Controls and our proprietary Kurio Genius™ Internet Filtering System. The easy-to-use Parental Area is password-protected and allows parents to set detailed time constraints for every day of the week, to set app and web-surfing restraints and to set up to 8 unique user profiles. The Kurio Genius Internet Filtering System, filters inappropriate content from over18 billion websites, so you have peace of mind your child is surfing the web safely. Includes a screen protector, USB connector and power adaptor.

  • A Full-Featured 5.0 Android & Mediatek Tablet with a Quad-core Processor
  • Now Loaded with 4 Disney Learning Apps!
  • The Safest Tablet Built for Kids with Kurio Genius Internet Filtering System - Blocks Inappropriate Content from 18 Billion Websites!
  • Use Parental Controls to Set Time Limits, Allow or Block Apps, Set Up to 8 Unique Profiles and More!
  • Each Week for One Year, New Educational Apps are Delivered Right to Your Tablet!
  • Packed with Games, Apps, E-Books, Music and More.
  • Features a Live 24-7 Customer Support App!