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Electronic Software Delivery

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Intel System Studio Composer Edition for Windows - Named-user Academic (Electronic Software Delivery)

Please Note: Once the order has been processed, this product is nonreturnable.

Speed up the development and deployment of system and embedded application software. Reduce integration and development costs through the use of key software development tools that help increase productivity. Deliver on-time robust, performance & power optimized system and embedded application software. Empower Intel® Architecture based Embedded Systems, Mobile System Software and Internet-of-Things with Intel System Studio.

Key Features

New Platform Support For Faster Time-To-Market

  • Windows target support to optimize Windows powered Embedded Applications
  • Low-overhead processor trace in new Intel® Core™ M processor for easier defect isolation
  • Android 64-bit ready

Enhanced Tools Usability For Improved Developer Productivity

  • Improved Eclipse IDE and Wind River Workbench integration for more efficient development
  • OpenOCD JTAG support for cost-efficient in-depth debugging of Intel® Quark based systems
  • Improved BIOS/EFI debugging for reliable and optimized system boot

Additional Enhancements For Software Power And Performance Optimization

  • Latest Intel® C++ Compiler & libraries for better device & application performance
  • Compute-intensive code offloading to Intel® HD Graphics for faster image and signal processing
  • New Energy Profiler for Windows targets for better power optimization